Deb Gabor was born to brand. As the founder and brand dominatrix of Sol Marketing, she has led brand strategy engagements for organizations like Dell, Microsoft, NBC Universal, HomeAway, and dozens of early-stage tech and digital media titans. 

She is also the author of the book Branding is Sex: Get Your Customer Laid and Sell the Hell Out of Anything. Most branding books are either very academic or theoretical. Branding is Sex provides you with a concrete foundation and a basic how-to plan—in plain English—for building or re-igniting a brand. 

Deb is my go-to branding and marketing guru. I’ve booked her for events and classes of such a wide range and am never disappointed by the strength of content and engaging exercises she’s brought to each one. Her speaking style can’t be described as anything less than captivating.
— Candice Digby, Speaker Organizer, General Assembly