In Branding is Sex, brand dominatrix Deb Gabor explains how proper brand positioning gets your customers in the mood.

In just seven short and sweet chapters, Deb will break down all the essentials: 

  • How the most successful brands in the world get their customers laid
  • The three essential brand questions you must be able to answer
  • How all branding decisions stem from the Brand Values Pyramid
  • How to nail your company’s brand.
  • How to never fail The Bullshit Test
  • And who your brand should hop in the sack with (and it’s not who you think it is.) 

Most branding books are either very academic or theoretical.  Deb believes you shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to understand branding. Branding is Sex provides you with a concrete foundation and a basic how-to plan—in plain English—for building or re-igniting your brand.